Mouvement, POLISONUM

In 2018 the artists composed the sound piece Mouvement reworking the minuet k94 written and performed by W. A. Mozart in 1770 in Bologna during his first trip to Italy, when he was only fourteen. The piece Mouvement is characterized by a process of time-stretching, which has subjected the original minuet to an expansion of 248 years, the time that separates us from the day of the first run to the present time. The result has a diaphanous character offered by notes elongated in ethereal sonority, containing a memory that asks our hearing to listen far in time.

Violins: Oriana Kriszten, Gwendoline Rouiller Steiger
Violas: Igor Keller, Piotr Baik
Cellos: Ning Liang, Maria-Christina Flüge
Doublebass: Andreas Dehner, Grigori Katz